Company Overview

Integrating Technology for Better Care™

Cimtel Inc. and Wireless Resident Nurse Alert Technology Inc. (“Wireless RNA”) have been the Canadian distributors of the Advance Care Nurse Call System since April 2016. Advance Care™ provides powerful, state-of-the-art nurse call solutions designed to address communication, workflow, patient safety, and implementation requirements within your healthcare facility. The new Advance Care IP Nurse Call System now has an industry first, built in “Real Time Location Tracking” ability or RTLS as it is commonly known. RTLS is the ability to track assets, staff and residents with active tags and ID badge tags that are continuously monitored by the Advance Care IP Nurse Call system in real time. The required RTLS infrastructure is embedded within Advance Care™ as standard, eliminating the requirement for costly third party infrastructure. Advance Care™ provides unmatched functionality with the highest standards for reliability and security.

Two critical priorities for all healthcare facilities are: (1) to respond promptly and effectively to patient needs and requests; and (2) to ensure a facility is safe and secure at all times. Cimtel Inc. and Wireless RNA have offered advanced, intelligent and highly reliable emergency communication solutions for over 30 years and have successfully completed multiple installations of the Advance Care Nurse Call System across Ontario since April 2016. We look forward to our continued success as we expand Advance Care™ to other provinces in 2017.

Cimtel Inc. and Wireless RNA are a “Single Point of Contact Supplier”: “One Supplier – One Call” – providing sales, installation, maintenance and service for all communication and security systems in new and existing long-term care and retirement homes. Cimtel Inc. and Wireless RNA offer IP nurse call, telephone systems, Pocket Pager Protector Program (P4PPA), staff duress, wander management, access control, and CCTV systems. Using advanced technology (wired & wireless) we are able to integrate these systems together allowing staff to respond to alerts from anywhere in the home. Cimtel Inc. and Wireless RNA dedicate significant resources to maintain a highly trained installation and service department with experienced technicians. We provide 24/7 emergency service with guaranteed response times. We do have the right solution for you™.

Company Profile

Cimtel Inc. started in the interconnect business selling small business telephone systems back in January 1986 and is celebrating 31 years at their location at 21 Antares Drive, Ottawa, Ontario. In January 2001, Cimtel Inc. developed Wireless Resident Nurse Alert Technology Inc. (“Wireless RNA”) to market to the Healthcare vertical marketplace and work hand-in-hand with Cimtel Inc. at the same location and telephone number, making this Wireless RNA’s 16th year anniversary. Cimtel Inc. and Wireless RNA have established a reputation of excellence and are considered to be high-level systems integrators in all low-voltage communication systems throughout the province of Ontario.