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DH200+ Series

  • H.264 compression, supports D1 resolution video recording
  • Lite Touch operation
  • 3G Smart phone and tablet view, supports BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Fully compatible with both PC and Mac
  • CMS-DH application supports up to 300 DVRs, 64 channels, live-playback, E-map, full control, up to 8 screen display
  • 480fps ‘real-time’ viewing, 240fps recording (8/16 channel)
  • Excellent quality live and recorded video and audio
  • Back-up through USB port to Flash and optical drives
  • Security Certified Hard Disk with up to 2TB of data storage
  • Free DDNS by Digimerge

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DH230 Series

  • Real Time Recording: 120fps @ D1, 240fps @ 2CIF, 480fps @ CIF
  • Event Log Search, Preview Search, Motion Area Search, Go To Search
  • SMART network transfer
  • HDMI, VGA, Spot, Looping Outputs
  • Disk Mirroring Function
  • Advanced user configuration
  • Security Certified Hard Disk with up to 6TB of storage
  • PC/Mac Compatible
  • 3G Smartphone (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android)
  • Tablet Compatible (iPad, Android, Windows)
  • CMS-DH application supports up to 300 DVRs, 64 ch/ screen, E-Map, full control
  • Hardware watch-dog/power Failure recovery: auto-reboot while maintaining settings and data
  • Alarm notification (Max 10 users): e-mail alert
  • Fan lock detection
  • DVR temperature alert, auto power-off

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Providing the Pinnacle of performance. The DPV24D Polaris Vision Varifocal Vandal Dome Camera offers the most advanced features, distinctive of the Pinnacle line of cameras, all within a compact housing. Beyond the Ultra High 600 TVL resolution, Vandal/Weatherproof design plus a five year warranty, the DPV24D boasts powerful Polaris Vision2 technology to provide clear vision in extreme low light conditions.

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The peak expression of Pinnacle. The DPV24TLX Ultra Resolution Polaris Vision TDN Varifocal IR Vandal Dome combines the advanced feature-sets of other Pinnacle cameras and goes a step beyond. While offering both Polaris Vision and Smart IR options for superior night vision, DPV24TLX also includes an ICR mechanism for True Day/Night. ArcticPro technology enables usage in the harshest of climates with a minimum operating temperature of -40°F.

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